We know business questions need human responses that only proven experts and leaders can provide. So our insights empower you to solve problems and create sustainable solutions, whether for a brand, company, or individual leader.

What We Do

Our consulting services are focused on addressing our clients greatest challenges:

Strategy, marketing, organization, operations, technology, digital transformation and advanced analytics.

Maximize your resultsInnovate and transform your business with our complete management and consulting portfolio

Agile Consulting

Agile is a proven approach to transforming your business and accelerating profitable growth. We can help transform your organization with Agile across the entire enterprise to iterate faster, increase quality, and raise employee morale.

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Power Analytics & BI

With Power Analytics, businesses are able to make more accurate predictions about the future. This can mean less risk and expensive mistakes for those with well-managed systems. Power Analytics helps stakeholders predict and plan for problems or opportunities ahead.

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Startups & MVP

Startup and MVP Consulting is all about helping startups get off the ground. From the root's of your company to its values and expectations, we'll work with you to develop a startup plan that works best for your budget and objectives.

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Training & Mentoring

Whether you're just starting to develop your mentoring program or looking to get the most out of your current one, our consulting will help set it up for success. With experience from across industries and organizations of all sizes, we understand how important integrating best practices, talent strategy, and corporate culture can be.

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Infinity Methodology©

Agile, PMI, Design Thinking, Prince, Scrum. With so many methodologies, it takes more work for companies to decide what's best for business. At Craftz, we created Infinity©, a registered method that combines and improves existing processes, keeping the customer on focus and speeding adoption. With Infinity©, you have a unique approach to business strategy.

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Infinity Business Game©

Building your strategy should be fun. With our exclusive Infinity© Business Game, companies can deliver results fast and explore different approaches to business in a gamified and fun way. Created by our experts, our cards game combines different methodologies, scenarios, focus areas, and techniques to jumpstart your business.

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