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The word Craft of English origin means a job or activity that needs skill, knowledge, and experience. We add to this word the boldness of wanting to change the world, a bit of art and the purest innovation, developing business and professional insights that focus on transformation.

Our innovation framework - Infinity©, does not follow fixed recipes or methods in which each business and individual is unique. Instead, we exchange experiences with our clients and use different combinations of techniques and methodologies to help companies and professionals overcome their limits.

- Greetings from Our CEO, Daniel Brunod


In 2020, Craftz was founded on a simple premise: to help people and businesses of any size to succeed. We define success as our ability to use our knowledge and experience in the industry to help our clients. We help them achieve their business objectives, which makes us successful too.

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We have been working since the very beginning on developing our capabilities to solve real-world business problems. We aim to innovate in every work by improving a process or uncovering a new opportunity for our clients.

Craftz is a team of industry experts who bring unparalleled customer focus to our work and know that an honest effort is its own reward. Our inclusive culture promotes passion, respect, and continuous learning. In addition, Craftz's unique geographic position in São Paulo - Brazil, allows for easy collaboration with teams in the U.S., Europe, and the Americas. Our talented individuals work on our client's projects and help them bridge the gap between cultures.

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Meet the TeamWe are a team of experts and though leaders dedicated to helping companies like yours grow


Alan de França

Product & Processes
Alan de França is a Product and Project Manager with 10+ years of experience managing projects, sprints, and deliveries. He has worked in travel, aviation, and technology companies. He is a master in supplier negotiation and has extensive knowledge of all the steps necessary to develop and implement products and unique customer journeys. He aims to improve inefficiencies and workflows within the departments to make the team as successful as possible.

Daniel Brunod

Strategy & Sales
Daniel Brunod is an entrepreneur, Founder of Craftz and Lipstik, with more than 19 years of professional experience in the aviation and technology industry. Daniel's previous roles include companies such as Siemens, ADP, Gol Airlines, Webjet, CVC, Azul Airlines and Hurb. In addition, as a Business Strategist, marketing, and sales expert, he and his team have helped hundreds of companies streamline revenues and growth over the years.

Luis Batista

Analytics & BI
Luis Batista brings more than 10 years of experience in advanced analytics and digital solutions. He has refined his skills by working on several international projects and leading highly skilled teams. His expertise focuses on delivering best-in-class solutions for data analytics and expert insights, providing strategic ways of bridging ideas to execution.

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